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What is environmental illness?

Simply, environmental medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses linked to one’s surroundings or conditions.  Environmental factors such as the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink can all affect our health, as can the conditions of the home we live in, the office/occupational spaces in which we work or the paths that we walk.

The field of environmental medicine looks beyond just the symptoms that are presented in the doctor’s surgery today. In the field of environmental medicine, doctors take the time to look at the patient as a whole, which involves taking into account medical history, lifestyle and exposures, correlating the illness to environmental factors and often using a wide range of treatments to address the cause, strengthen immunity and address all health concerns.

Educational videos

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Glossary of environmental medicine terms

To quickly learn more about environmental medicine, we’ve put together a glossary of commonly used terms for your reference.

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